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Precancerous cells! What can I do, Judy?

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

I received another inquiry from "m'lady" regarding a Pap result of CIN cells and HPV.

She was anxious about the colposcopy that was being ordered and wanted information on alternative treatments for HPV and precancerous cells on the cervix.

(If she had lived closer to my offices, I would have included more about CervCare Escharotic Therapy.)

Here in an exerpt of my response:

"Basically, there are definitely proactive measures that you can take that would be beneficial regardless of your choices of treatment for the dysplasia. 
Long term: I would advise you to at least start a basic integrative HPV treatment (therapeutic supplements with nutritional and lifestyle modification) regardless of the choice that you make to treat the dysplasia. This integrative treatment is intended to target the root causes of the dyplasia and build your immunity to prevent reoccurances. This is important because often women who get a LEEP or something similar will have a reoccurance of HPV and dysplasia after a couple of years, especially in your age bracket, since those therapies do not target the root causes.
Short term: The dysplasia should be targeted for erradication. 
Your doctor will offer you a recommendation for LEEP or similar procedure to remove the afftected cells which might be the best decision. 
Alternatively, depending on the outcome of the colposcopy, an aggressive naturopathic treatment may be possible, but it would require a committment on your part to be available bi-weekly for six weeks for the chemical ablation (escharotic therapy) done with botanicals and minerals. We have seen some success with weekly or even monthly treatments for out-of- towners, but intermittent treatments are not advised in your case with your relatively rapid escalation from ASCUS tp HGSIL. More will be seen on the colposcopy.  
In general the outcome of an agressive naturopathic treatment would most likely be great improvement, possibly total, but some patients need longer treatments or to repeat the series to clear the HPV and dysplasia to acceptable levels.
Insurance usually does not cover the naturopathic chemical ablation
I hope that this information will help you in your decision."

I receive this type of letter frequently, so I am preparing a massive online response,with clear guidelines for each type.

Keep posted



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