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Judith offers a full range of woman's health services, including well-woman / annual screening, diagnosis and treatment of specific problems and holistic and Functional treatment.

  • Women's Health

    • Pelvic Health

    • Pap and Cervical Health

    • Cervical Dysplasia and HPV

    • Naturopathic Escharotic treatment

    • Stress Incontinence

    • Soft tissue irritations or infections

    • Breast Health: exam, education and referrals

    • Cardio, Skeletal and Metabolic screening

    • Mental health screening

    • Diagnostic tests and referrals to specialists as needed

  • Hormone assessment

    • Irregular Menses

    • Spotting: Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding

    • PCOS and Metabolic Syndrome

    • Hirsutism, Weight, acne, hairloss

    • Perimenopause and Menopause'

    • Infertility screening

  • Bodeket and Rabbinical Consultant

  • Integrative treatment utilizing holistic, natural and allopathic

    • Infections, Diagnosis, and Treatment

    • Mastitis

    • Genital Irritations, Yeast, BV Vaginitis, Cervicitis

    • STD screening and treatment

    • Urinary Tract infections

    • Respiratory infections

    • Natural Famaily Planning Methods

    • Oral Contraceptives

    • Intrauterine Device (IUD) Mirena and Parguard

    • Contraceptive Diaphragm

    • Fertility Screening, counsel and treatment

Natural Medicine

As a private practice CNM in Brooklyn in 1995, I began to research the many hormonal imbalances that plagued many of my clients, especially PCOS which causes infertility. Because most doctors were not holistic minded and tended to shy away from the mysterious female hormone system, these problems were usually neglected unless immediately life-threatening.

With a midwife's belief in the inherent wisdom of body systems, I began to explore root cause solutions long before holistic approaches to hormone imbalances became popular. Research on female obesity and PCOS was just beginning to emerge from organizations such as the American Academy of Clinical Endocrinologists, but unforrtunately it takes years for research to  enter mainstream practice.  Decades later it is still remarkably difficult to find a healthcare provider that deals comprehensively with hormonal and metabolic  disorders. The media is also flooded with confusing claims, costly products and unproven remedies, so women's problems are often negelcted or inappropriately treated.


Seeking root causes and innovative solutions for problems such as PCOS, hypothyroidism, infertility, hirsutism, obesity and other hormonal imbalances has always been my professional and personal mission, due to the havoc and suffering that these problems caused, and because most of these problems eventually spiral out of control and result in life-endangering illness such as heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, infertility.


My conservative and economical approach has always been based on cutting edge solid medical research which I am continuously seeking, and on proven therapies- many holistic and natural. 

You deserve pragmatic, economical, and effective solutions. 


I look forward to hearing from you!

Let's Talk

Contact Judy for a consultation to discuss your health questions, concerns, and options.

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