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Frozen in Tears by a Phone Call

I could feel that desperation in the email that I had just received:

“Dear Judy, I just received a phone call from my doctor's office telling me that I have HPV and precancerous cells, and that I am being scheduled for LEEP surgery.
"The words 'Pre-Cancer' and the possibility of pregnancy and birth complications have left me frozen, in tears, and in dire need of an alternative to the LEEP procedure.
"I found information online about Escharotic treatments that I believe might be an alternative. If you could, please provide me with information and let me know if you treat pre-cancerous cells.”

Sensing the urgency, despite it being past my bedtime, I called her and told her that: YES! There are natural remedies for HPV and even for precancerous cells. These approaches target the root causes as well as to restore normal cervical tissue. Natural approaches to cervical disorders are appropriate in a majority of cases and have many advantages over the conventional recommendation of many doctors, which is to simply burn or cut off the outward signs of pre-cancer.

While this radical approach is sometimes necessary, it does not address the root causes, nor does it get rid of HPV or prevent reoccurrence. The conventional treatments can be likened to weeding a garden. If overall measures are not taken, the weeds will just grow back. An integrative approach to conventional procedures is to apply Cerv-Care and Natural HPV treatments as adjuncts. With this approach the healing is multiimensional, deeper and more lasting.

Mild forms of precancerous cervical cells can be gently sloughed off through chemical ablation with botanicals and minerals ("Escharotic therapy") rather than through surgical removal. This time difference allows for the natural immunity to kick in and for a healthy transformation of cervical tissue to occur as new cells are generated.

After spending a few minutes with this young lady, I emailed the Cerv-Care Online Consultations information to her. I also mentioned the importance of Stress Management, because she was very agitated and fearful, describing herself as “in tears”, and desperate. She was fearful that her cervix would be damaged and become unable to hold a pregnancy or to function normally during birth.

Stress is often one of the causative factors of precancerous lesions, together with all of the tangible physical causes. One thing that anyone can and should begin is stress management techniques, which can reduce the progression of HPV infections and dysplasia (LSIL, HSIL, CIN 1, 2, and 3). I love sharing the short mindfulness meditations that are available for free at , which have been demonstrated to reduce chronic pain, anxiety and more.

Some healing options that I offer are

  • Cerv-Care Online Private Consultations

  • Escharotic Therapy for cervical precancerous cells in my offices in Florida.

  • HPVBegone 12-week program that gives step-by-step guidance in self healing practices that a woman can do in the privacy of her home. This is being launched in early 2018.

For more information on cervical health and more, join my free Holistic Women's Health Facebook group

Until then,

May you have smooth transitions from the old to the new,

And remember that I am always here for you.



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