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Book your appointment for your online consultation

Book your appointment for your online consultation

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Book your appointment for your online consultation


Online Consultations by appointment only

I am happy to offer this easy option for busy women to access healthcare! Having been a busy mom myself, and having juggled the roles of breadwinner, career professional, student,  homemaker and mom; I understand the difficulties of taking time off for medical appointments. Problems such as finding and paying for a babysitter, or of shlepping children with you to appointments, of driving long distances and of waiting in crowded waiting rooms for a short consultation that often leaves little time for questions.

Although Online Consultations are not appropriate for all healthcare needs, when appropriate it help you to get help when and how you need it.  

For more information about Online Consultations,please fill out and submit the following form, and a response will be sent to you by email within 72 hours.

If your condition is urgent, you should not wait for a response, You should seek out immediate care in a medical facility, such as a physical office, Urgent Care Center or hospital Emergency Room. 

For information or an appointment, please email judith@judithcare.com or leave a message at


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