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Midwife means "With Woman" 

The reassuring presence of a Certified Nurse Midwife on your birth journey will be a source of comfort, inspiration and strength, as well as added security.

As your personal midwife, Judy will serve as guide, guardian, knowledgeable resource. and supporter. Her personal goal is to accompany you on your path of self discovery, in which you will access the fountains of inner strength and wisdom inherent to women.

    Top Reasons Birthing Families have chosen to work with Judy
  • One-on-One Personalized care

  • Discussions based on your questions and learning leads throughout pregnancy and birth

  • Deluxe In-hospital Midwife birth at Boca Raton Regional Hospital Toppel Family Center

  • Deluxe Home Birth with CNM management and the Trusty Team of Birthworkers including 2 midwives, obstetrician, and doula

  • Ambulatory Birth (moving around),  freedom to settle into labor and birth positions, Birth Pool

  • Quiet and uninterrupted skin-to-skin bonding for family

  • Breastfeeding support immediately after birth; delayed newborn bath

  • Delayed cord clamping and saving your placenta for encapsulation

  • Support for your choices including Doula, Hypnobirth, family involvement, "father catch"

  • Suggestions to help you to avoid pitocin induction, lacerations, episiotomy and C-section

  • Full information and participation in decisions

  • Medical interventions performed for medical need only, not for routine

Your Private Birth Attendant

As a Private Midwife, Judy enables and empowers women in achieving their birth goals through: 

  • Highest standards of prenatal care and screening

  • Ongoing "Birth Plan" dialogue during prenatal visits regarding every aspect of your care

  • Information sharing and discussion

  • Attentiveness to your preferences and needs

  • Personalized Deluxe Birth attendance

  • Comfort measures from Hydrotherapy to Epidural

  • Family centered birth with partner and sibling involvement

  • Coordination with support team and birthworkers

  • Direct and personal access from the last weeks of pregnancy until postpartum

  • Empowerment, Spiritual birth and Transformation

Your Advantages with a CNM

Certified Nurse Midwives are renowned for

  • Statistically lower C-Section rates

  • Excellent outcomes

  • Less Morbidity,  less NICU admissions

  • Less episiotomy and perineal tears

  • Higher success rate with breastfeeding

  • Their deep belief in women and in birth

  • Their comprehensive education and training

  • Their access to traditional womanly wisdom

  • Their high standards of care

  • Prevention and Avoidance of complications

  • Individualized education during visits

  • Attentiveness to individual preferences

  • Generosity with time and support

  • Willingness to adapt to safe options

  • Empowering the family to own the experience

  • Keeping the family at CENTER of the experience

A Personal Message from Judy

Congratulations and Blessings upon reaching this threshhold!

During this exciting and wondrous birthing year, your choices of pregnancy care providers will have profound and long-reaching effects on you as well as on your developing child, on your family and on other birthing families.

Just as choice nutrients contribute to the formation of the baby, so too will the pregnancy, birth and your experience be shaped by your choices regarding birth environment, level of activity and the people that accompany you.

For thousands of years, midwives have responded to the dynamics of birthing women, empowering them in the childbirth process as well as safeguarding her and her family’s health. Your trust means alot to us.

When you engage a highly trained professional midwife as your care provider, you are ensured of receiving excellent personalized care throughout your pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Homey Birth

"Home is where the birth is"

(In Hospital, Birth Center or your home)


Homey Birth is for parents who are planning a hospital birth and who want to

  • avoid complications through prevention

  • increase the likelihood of having a natural birth

  • minimize the needs for medical interventions.

Homey Birth  is an online Birth Hub featuring

  • Tips for Home-like Hospital births

  • Working with your OB/GYN

  • Avoiding complications in the hospital

  • Pregnancy and childbirth tips and resources

  • Facebook Support Group

  • Pregnancy Enhancement and Birth Coaching

  • News and Interviews from birth workers of all types.

As Homey Birth's moderator, Judy will draw from her experience in helping thousands of families achieve the birth of their dreams in hospitals, where over 98% of births occur in most developed countries.  

Homey Birth is for parents who are planning a hospital birth and who want to

  • avoid complications through prevention

  • increase the likelihood of having a natural birth

  • minimize the needs for medical interventions.


Homey Birth is intended to supplement the standard-of-Obstetric-care that is provided to most women and to provide families with the knowledge to become proactive participants in their prenatal care and in the decisions that can affect the outcomes of birth. 

For updates on this program, subscibe to The Homey Birth Newsletter 


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