Empowerment, Guidance, Self-Help, and Solutions

for Women's Health 

BE EMPOWERED to good health!

My goal is to help each woman to define the Root Causes of her health concerns and empower her ability to manage her health and that of her family and community.  

The integration of natural remedies with the measured use of cutting edge Integrative Medicine provides opportunities for innovative solutions to optimal health. .


for health concerns

My goal is to help you to understand the basic principles of health management and guide you in creating a plan to take control of your health. You will acquire the knowledge and tools to participate in your health management and that of your family and community. 

These tools will help you become less dependent on our cumbersome and expensive healthcare system 

DISCOVER Natural and Effective SOLUTIONS to Health Concerns

My goal is to help you navigate the many healing modalities

to find solutions to your health concerns, and help you to choose the ones that are most effective and practical.

Drawing from decades of healthcare, I will strive to help you tailor the treatments to fit your lifestyle and budget. 

Judith is available 

  • In-office appointments in Miami Florida 

  • TeleHealth Online Consultations

  • Online Group Workshops

    • Love Cerv Facebook 

    • Spirit-Flo Mind-Body Alignment

  • Public Speaking ​

To help you in the discovery of

your innate healing power, I offer

  • INFORMATION and GUIDANCE on your concerns tailored to your needs

  • Root Cause Therapies

    • Cervix Health (HPV-CIN)​

    • PCOS

    • Weight & Metabolic Syndrome

    • Menopause Health​​

    • Irregular Menses Cycles

    • Infertility& Preconception

  • Spirit-Mind-Body Alignment

  • Stress and Pain Management

  • Bodeket and Kallah

  • Recurrent infections

    • BV, Yeast, UTI, 

  • Acne and Facial Hair

  • Anxiety and Depression

For information or an appointment, please email judith@judithcare.com or leave a message at


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