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Targeted Solutions for Women's Health 

  • BE EMPOWERED to improve your health!

  • DISCOVER natural & and effective solutions

  • RECEIVE GUIDANCE in self-help

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My goals are to help and guide you

  • to understand the basic principles of health management

  • to develop a plan to take control of your health.

  • to navigate the many healing modalities to find solutions to your health concerns

  • to find solutions to your health concerns

  • to choose modalities that are most effective and practical.

  • to acquire the knowledge and tools to participate in your health management and that of your family and community.

  • to become less dependent on our cumbersome and expensive healthcare system 

Drawing from decades of healthcare, I will strive to help you tailor the treatments to fit your lifestyle and budget. 

     Treatments Offered

  • Root Cause Therapies

    • Cervix Health (HPV-CIN)​

    • Escharotic Therapy 

    • Herbal Therapy for HPV​

    • Recurrent infections

      • BV, Yeast, UTI 

    • PCOS, Thyroid, Endometriosis 

    • Weight & Metabolic Syndrome

    • Acne and Facial Hair

    • Irregular Menses Cycles

    • Infertility& Preconception

    • Hormonal Imbalances

    • Menopause

    • Older Women Health

  • Spirit-Mind-Body Alignment

  • Stress and Pain Management

  • Bodeket and Kallah

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Judith is available 

  • In-office appointments in Miami Florida 

  • TeleHealth Online Consultations

  • Online Group Workshops

    • Love Cerv Facebook 

    • Spirit-Flow Mind-Body Alignment

  • Public Speaking ​

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