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Welcome to JudithCare Blog

I created this blog to share some of the wonderful inspiration and insights from my work as a midwife/ holistic women's healthcare provider for over three decades.

In the many stories that are shared with me, I often sense recurring themes, and I realize that many women often have similar experiences with no one to ask. Therefore I now share some of these episodes in the hope that your may benefit, learn and celebrate our journey as women.

The health challenges that have been shared with me in these stories have often required innovative approaches, and have inspired me to evolve professionally in holistic and integrative medicine. I continue to learn from each person that I am privileged to serve, from my students and children and through a lifestyle of continuous research, learning and awe.

I am ever intrigued by the wonders and challenges of healthcare.

In the course of over three decades, I have been honored to attend (deliver) over 3,500 births in homes, hospitals and birth centers. I have worked as a member of Ob/Gyn/CNM teams, with Licensed Professional Midwives and as a hospitalist staff midwife in Israel and in the USA.  Thank you for your interest in my practice.

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